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Re: [X] why does X kill my modem?

In your email to me, Bob Billson, you wrote:
> Hi all...
> Oh no!  He's back with another problem. :-)
> This one has me really puzzled.  When I run X, I can't dial out with my
> modem.  Until recently, I didn't run X very much so I pretty much forgot
> about the problem.  Now I want to start using X more so the problem needs
> to be solved.
> My machine is a 486/133 (AMD's fast 486 chip) with VLB bus.  It has 4
> serial ports (ttyS0 to S3).  ttyS0 and ttyS1 are 16450 UARTs on the
> floppy/hard drive controller.  ttyS2 and ttyS3 are 16550 UARTs on a
> separate card.  My system is configured like this: 
> 	ttyS0   serial mouse
> 	ttyS1   unused
>         ttyS2   X10 controller  (unused most of the time)
>         ttyS3   modem (USR 33.6, external)
> The modem is on ttyS3 to avoid IRQ conflicts with the mouse.  I use mgetty
> and run diald (v1.16.4) to bring up the connection to my ISP.  I can also
> use minicom to dialup local BBSs, etc.  This all works very well when X
> isn't running, so I know it isn't a hardware problem. 

What IRQs are you using for all these? If you are sharing 3 and 4 between
3 devices, that could be the problem.


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