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Re: Debian-lite

Mario Olimpio de Menezes wrote,
:On Thu, 31 Jul 1997, George Bonser wrote:
:> What I had in mind to do for the local distribution that I was going to
:> make was fvwm and a nice set of default menus. The default X install can
:> be made a little nicer than Debian because I would only give them one
:> choice .... X or no X with fvwm installed as the window manager if they
:> choose it.
:Yes! I think exactly this is the way to go. No many options for little
:pieces; just 3 or 4 major decisions should be enough.

Building on the above idea, we can actually "copy" Solaris
kind of setup...  As a background, (solaris-install??) tries 
to find out what kind of a system the host is going to be 
and determines what kind of a setup to use.. so we can have
a series of questions (not necessarily in X) that asks:

Is this the first time you are installing a Debian system??
(if yes: 
	suggest that they go thru the "simple install")
. Do you wish to go thru the simple install or dselect??
  (if dselect: 
	just fire up dselect
   eles: continue)

. Do you want to install X on this server??
   . What video card do you have??

. Is this system connected a network??
   . What network card do you have??
   . What

. Do you want to receive/send mail on this system??

. Is this system going to be a WebServer?

(continue to ask a few general questions about the system
  that everyone who wants a system must know...)
(After we are done with the Q&A, we should have a list of
  packages to install.. here, we show the uses with a list
  of selected package and ask if they wish to personalise
  (aka customise) the packages.)
  (If customise, fire up dselect
      else, just install).

That way, we can forgo the trouble of setting up a nice UI
(additional work??) and at the same time can cater for beginners
as well.  We just have to ensure that the questions are not
excessively complicated (like IP-masquarading??) that they
will stump the starters and our suggested setup works. 



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