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Re: Debian-lite

On Fri, 1 Aug 1997, Tan Wee Yeh wrote:

> That way, we can forgo the trouble of setting up a nice UI
> (additional work??) and at the same time can cater for beginners
> as well.  We just have to ensure that the questions are not
> excessively complicated (like IP-masquarading??) that they
> will stump the starters and our suggested setup works. 
> Comments??

I have been thinking a lot about this for over a month now. I don't see
why you can't have a CD that contains all the packages but allows
different setups.

X should strictly be a chosen option. I have low-end systems that are very
useful as routers, gateways, etc. I can change VGA cards freely because I
never run graphic modes. The concept of a highly X-oriented distribution
makes me think of the typical NT server. I know of an ISP that will
probably fail soon (unless I buy the business). The first thing I noticed
is that the primary server (NT) has an expensive video card and a
nice 17 inch monitor. This is the typical NT-loving idiot sysadmin. The
other partner does all the graphics and web design on a workstation that
has much less in the video department.

We must remember that the best Linux will be the one that allows you to
easily turn leftover computer parts into mail servers, news servers, modem
communications routers, and also build graphics workstations. You should
be able to take 1 CD, a truckload of hardware and some knowledge, add
energy, and create a productive network.    

Anybody who has navigated the course from the original IBM PC to the
Nth-generation stuff we have now is well aware of this. There were many
msdos programs with user-friendly interfaces. They worked well
with/without a mouse or color display. The biggest problem was often the
user. Rather than press F1 for help, he pressed the buttons on his
telephone and called people like us.

A GUI in the hands of the incompetent computer owner is no solution. If
anything, it speeds up the destruction of a good configuration.

Point, click, break .......

As for the 'Debian Lite' name, it reminds me of crippled versions
that you get with a hardware product. Then you are expected to buy a
complete version to get the features you actually need.

A single CD that allowed a wide range of installation types should have a
powerful name.

Debian Complete?
Debian Universal Linux?
Multiple Personality Debian? :)

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