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/usr size and seting up a linux server

I am trying to install 1.3.0 on three networked PCs but I have
a couple of problems.

How large should the /usr partition be to accomodate ALL the software
in 1.3.0 including contrib and non-free. After reading the FAQ at
www.debian.org which suggested 300MB+ minimum for all optional 
programs and 500MB for a generous install I created a 600MB /usr
partition. It wasn't large enough.

Could anyone suggest an optimal size that would allow me to install
all the programs and leave a bit of room for upgrades.  I have a
6 gig disk so space is not a problem.  

I have one PC with a 6 gig disk for Linux only (the Linux PC).
I have another two PCs with Windows 95 (the Windows PCs).  I would
like to able to use Linux on either of the two Windows PCs. 
I don't have enough space on these PCs to install all the linux
software I would like.  I can only spare about 150 - 300Mb for
a linux partition on these PCs.  What would be the best way to
setup the Windows PCs to be able to use all the programs installed
on my Linux PC.

Some options I can think of are:

1) Install an X server on each of the Windows PCs and run all my
Linux software on the Linux PC. The problem with this is I don't
want to depend on my Linux PC for using Linux and I can't use all
of the programs in this way (eg svgalib programs).

2) Install a root fs on the Windows PCs and mount /usr from the
Linux PC. Would this work? Are all the host dependent configuration
files stored on the root fs? The problem here is again I am
dependent on the Linux PC and the performance may not be to my
liking as everything has too be loaded via NFS.

3) Ideally I would like too set up a small standalone Linux system
on the Windows PCs with the commonly used programs stored localy
for performamce and availability reasons and mount all the other
programs via NFS. How would I set this up?

Adrian Johnson                                ajohnson@baea.com.au

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