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Re: /usr size and seting up a linux server

> I have one PC with a 6 gig disk for Linux only (the Linux PC).
> I have another two PCs with Windows 95 (the Windows PCs).  I would
> like to able to use Linux on either of the two Windows PCs. 
> I don't have enough space on these PCs to install all the linux
> software I would like.  I can only spare about 150 - 300Mb for
> a linux partition on these PCs.  What would be the best way to
> setup the Windows PCs to be able to use all the programs installed
> on my Linux PC.

you seem to be in a similar spot to where i am (or will be again soon).
We got several old 486's released to us for this, but then they got
unreleased to africa (?????).  *sigh*  The down side of our department
being an international empire. . .

Anyway, we now get this machine and 4 more.  This machine will end up, i
think, with 2x200mb, a 500mb, and 400 mb drive.  The others will have
anywhere from 80-200.

The current plan (subject to change due to vacations by equipment :)
will put minimal systems & X on the little machines (and probably lyx as
well), /home on this machine, and most programs on this one.

I intend to export /usr, and mount it as /usr2 on the other machines.
/usr2 will appear behind /usr in execution paths on those machines.


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