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Does anyone know of a good set of sources AND patch(es) (if necessary) for
gated for linux?  I mirror the gated sources here and have just tried
building it on Debian 1.2, kernel 2.0.29 (from bo) using the patches for
gated 3.6A2 I got some time ago from ftp.redhat.com.  I guess it would be
even better if gated was packaged for Debian (hint hint) but I'm happy to
build it from sources IF it'l build!

I have previously successfully done this (redhat 3.0.3, kernel 2.0.0) but
now it seems broken (with my more up-to-date Debian).  Anyone got pointers
to better stuff than me?


Richard Shepherd (richards@waikato.ac.nz)

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