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Re: [Fwd: Critical "Times" article on Linux]

Walt Tautz wrote:
> Apologies to those who get easily insulted, but
> is the article in question. Perhaps this
> should not be posted.
> -W.T.

thank you for posting this article. I couldn't get into the sunday times

> April 20 1997                        SOUNDING OFF  
>          Linux, the PC program from hell           
>   WAS I the only one who broke into a scream
>   of terror when I looked at this month's copy
>   of Personal Computer World? There, staring       
>   out from a free CD-Rom on the cover was the      
>   program from hell, and all you needed to do      
>   to let it take over your PC was double click
>   a couple of times and kiss goodbye to your       
>   sanity.                                         
much Snipped...

I found this article very funny and more than a bit sad. It is
interesting in that it seems to be more a put down of "Geeks" than Linux
itself, Or perhaps a putdown of people who know more or have different
aptitudes than the author does. In my country this attitude is called
bigotry and it's frowned on by most thinking people. I've heard that the
press writes like this in England, first I've actually seen though. 
>   The nasty piece of digital scurf in question     
>   is known as Linux...

snip... snip...

>  Linux, for the uninitiated, is a version of
>  that old computer donkey known as Unix. If
>  you need to run big computer Unix tasks then
>  it is, I am told, not a bad solution at all.

snip.... snip... snip...
>   But if all you want is a
>   computer that you can aspire to understand,
>   chuck that blasted CD-Rom in the bin right
>   now.
>                                   David Hewson

Looking at where Mr Hewson is coming from (wants a computer he can
understand????) He's right. He should get as far away from Linux as he
can. To assume that the rest of the world shares his phobia of
complexity (power in computing) is arrogant to say the least.

Remember, he get's paid to increase the visibility of the times. This
week it's bashing Linux, next week it's photo's of royalty caught in the
act. Creating controversy, no matter the cost, is his line of work, I'd
say he's succeeding, as distastefull as it seems to us. Be glad you're
not the Queen. 

Actually, this could be a sign that Linux is really making an impact,
getting bashed by the British Press!!!!! Anyone checked the Enquirer

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