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Re: [Fwd: Critical "Times" article on Linux]

On Fri, 25 Apr 1997, Charles Morrison wrote:

> Looking at where Mr Hewson is coming from (wants a computer he can
> understand????) He's right. He should get as far away from Linux as he
> can. To assume that the rest of the world shares his phobia of
> complexity (power in computing) is arrogant to say the least.

Linux isn't for idiots or computer illiterates who need the computer to
tell them what to do next.  That's for sure.

> Remember, he get's paid to increase the visibility of the times. This
> week it's bashing Linux, next week it's photo's of royalty caught in the
> act. Creating controversy, no matter the cost, is his line of work, I'd
> say he's succeeding, as distastefull as it seems to us. Be glad you're
> not the Queen. 
> Actually, this could be a sign that Linux is really making an impact,
> getting bashed by the British Press!!!!! Anyone checked the Enquirer
> yet?

HAHAHA!  Very good point. 



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