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Re: Critical "Times" article

On 23-Apr-97 Matthew Tebbens wrote:
>>I'll have to agree with Rick. I cannot believe that this person is
>a journalist !?!?  I could tell right away that he did alot of research
>on the subject ! :)
>On Wed, 23 Apr 1997, Rick Jones wrote:
>> All I have to say is...what a fu**ing maroon.  He has obviously never even
>> looked at a computer with Linux on it.  And he calls himself a
>> Journalist?!?

Why is everyone so incredulous that this man is a journalist?  Is there some
minimum standard that people are held to before they can write for a newspaper? 
(If so, I would recommend that it be 'upgraded' to remove the bottom feeders
that have become prevalent in our media of late.)  Lord knows, if I wanted to
sit around and spout off my opinions all day without concern for reality I would
try to become a newspaper columnist.  Leave the guy alone - remember Bruce's
admonishment regarding fights with idiots.

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