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Re: Memory Gobbler

On Sun, 20 Apr 1997, Dima wrote:

> Nope, you can't rip it off any board.  It's a tag chip and they come

oh :(  When I bought my mobo I had the choice of spending $30 (50
guilders) extra for 256KB cache plus the chip... looking back, maybe I
should have gone for it.

> Anyway, it also depends on the m/b chipset, eg. on pentium boards all
> three chipsets support >64M but only one (HX I think) can cache >64M.
> Tom's hardware guide is a good place to read all about it.

That's what I got, yes... but you need that 16*8 (bits) -15 (nanoseconds)
chip, right next to the one soldered on the motherboard.

Not that I've got more than 64MB (far from it) but hey, it would be nice
if the occasion arose. :)

	-- Niels.

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