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Re: Problem with apache and includes

Andree Leidenfrost <leidenfrost@dkrz.de> writes:

> I have apache-1.1.3-6 up and running on an otherwise basically
> Debian-1.2.9 system. Everything is running fine so far, the only real
> problem is that server includes are not working. Maybe it is worth
> mentioning that the machine was in fact updated from an older Slackware
> distribution recently (where server includes used to work) and I decided
> to also change the http server from CERN to Apache.
> Ok, what I would like is that lines like the following work again (as
> they did before with the CERN server):
> <!--#exec cmd="echo `hostcount -i  $REMOTE_HOST -t ''`"-->
> I understand that server includes are turned off in the standard
> access.conf file. Consequently I turned 'Includes' globally for the
> whole document root:

I managed to get these running. I think the relevant lines are in
/etc/apache/srm.conf and are:

   # To use server-parsed HTML files
   AddType text/html shtml 
   AddHandler server-parsed .html

Then, I thnk you need to restart apache. Good luck!



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