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Problem with apache and includes

I have apache-1.1.3-6 up and running on an otherwise basically
Debian-1.2.9 system. Everything is running fine so far, the only real
problem is that server includes are not working. Maybe it is worth
mentioning that the machine was in fact updated from an older Slackware
distribution recently (where server includes used to work) and I decided
to also change the http server from CERN to Apache.

Ok, what I would like is that lines like the following work again (as
they did before with the CERN server):

<!--#exec cmd="echo `hostcount -i  $REMOTE_HOST -t ''`"-->

I understand that server includes are turned off in the standard
access.conf file. Consequently I turned 'Includes' globally for the
whole document root:

<Directory /home/www-data/webspace>

Options Includes
AllowOverride None
order allow,deny
allow from all


Unfortunately this didn't yield the desired result. I read some more of
the documentation and tried some other things but without any success so
far. So, I am completely clueless and would be very grateful to any help
and hint!

Heaps of thanks in advance,

                     | Institute of Geophysics   phone: +49 40 4123 4389
 ANDREE LEIDENFROST  | University of Hamburg       fax: +49 40 4123 5441
    Geophysicist     | Bundesstrasse 55      e-mail: leidenfrost@dkrz.de
                     | D-20146 Hamburg        www: www.app-geoph.dkrz.de

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