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Re: DEITY TEAM -- one comment

"François" Gouget writes:
 > robert havoc pennington wrote:
 > >  When I first installed debian I selected more packages than would fit on
 > > the disk, and so I ended up with tons of "broken packages" and had to
 > > install again.  dselect recovered nicely (something other distributions
 > > don't do) but since each package has a predictable size it seems dselect
 > > could have predicted the problem, which would have been even nicer.
 > [...]
 >     Unfortunately in some cases it is not so simple to check for space 
 > availability as /var may be on one partition, /usr on another and /lib yet 
 > somewhere else. Yet for most newbie installations it should be no problem (just 
 > one partition anyway), those that made up many partitions probably already know 
 > what the space requirements will be. Otherwise how did they decide on the 
 > partition sizes !

Yes, it may not be foolproof,  but it would be useful to be able to
give a grand total.  For someone just starting who has maybe partitioned
but not loaded yet they could at least see if their partition is big 
enough before they start (rather than doing an install and then find
they have to go back to the vey beginning).   (I'm thinking here of
someone who has started from DOS,  used fips (? I think) to reclaim
space from their DOS partiion and created a Linux one.)

Now, if it could also give totals by the first filename of the path,
I mean like
	/var	 2,134 K
	/usr   203,837 K
	/       12,232 K
this would be useful for people who are looking at having multiple
filesystems -- a separate one for /usr for example.

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