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Re: bi

On 16 Apr 1997, Alair Pereira do Lago wrote:

> Here, I was not saying anything about fastness or slowness of any editor, but
> about a powerful use of emacs.

Emacs is powerful, but in vi the work is faster not only because the
editor is faster, but also because you don't have to move your fingers
off the letters.

> I like [x]jed too.  Indeed I use jedfor small editions.  Besides, my .emacs,
> site-start.el and default.el load many many things and takes some seconds to
> start. 

Mine too.  cc-mode, font-lock, etc...

> > You didn't type it in emacs, did you?  Emacs auto-fill mode breaks at
> > 70th character, and you typed about 79 per line.
> I will answer you in a simple way:
> Take an Emacs and start the Gnus news reader. Then select my message in the
> summary and hit 't'.  In this way you will see all the headers of my
> message. There you will see the X-Mailer field which was:
>   X-Mailer: Gnus v5.3/Emacs 19.34
> In your reply to my message I see the message ID was
>   Message-Id: <[🔎] Pine.BSI.3.96.970416003419.6026C-100000@robin.cs.huji.ac.il>
> so I guess you have used pine to send your message.

So?  I use pine, and emacs as the alternative editor.

> See Vadik, I do not want to say that vi is bad.  I was just trying
> to expose a feature of emacs that I like a lot: incremental search
> for strings or regular expressions. I do not use vi for some
> editions just because I do know how to use it well.

Well, I use emacs for mail and programming, and vi for configs and
patches.  Sometimes I use ed.  Well, both vi and emacs have its own
purposes.  I don't like incremental search because it's slow.  On my
good ol' 486 I used emacs only when I needed something really big.
Now I have a Pentium 133, but I'm too used to vi to forget it :)


Vadim Vygonets * vadik@cs.huji.ac.il * vadik@debian.org * Unix admin
If you think C++ is not overly complicated, just what is a protected
abstract virtual base pure virtual private destructor, and when was
the last time you needed one?  -- Tom Cargil, C++ Journal, Fall 1990.

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