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Re: bi

On 15 Apr 1997, Alair Pereira do Lago wrote:

> I do not know vi well but I do not see how it could be simpler than ctr-alt-s
> in emacs.  There, while you are filling the regular expression you can see the
> text that the incomplete regular expression is matching. If you put one letter
> more and the matching you had does not match anymore, it goes to next
> ocurrence of that regular expression you have in the text. 

Two reasons emacs is slow:
1. Lisp (jed is faster than emacs because it uses S-Lang (however they
   spell it)).
2. It does too much things on your every keystroke (like that one

You didn't type it in emacs, did you?  Emacs auto-fill mode breaks at
70th character, and you typed about 79 per line.


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If you think C++ is not overly complicated, just what is a protected
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