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Re: bi

Vadim Vygonets <vadik@cs.huji.ac.il> writes:

> On 15 Apr 1997, Alair Pereira do Lago wrote:
> > I do not know vi well but I do not see how it could be simpler than ctr-alt-s
> > in emacs.  There, while you are filling the regular expression you can see
> > the text that the incomplete regular expression is matching. If you put one
> > letter more and the matching you had does not match anymore, it goes to next
> > ocurrence of that regular expression you have in the text.

Here, I was not saying anything about fastness or slowness of any editor, but
about a powerful use of emacs.

> Two reasons emacs is slow:
> 1. Lisp (jed is faster than emacs because it uses S-Lang (however they
>    spell it)).

I like [x]jed too.  Indeed I use jed for small editions.  Besides, my .emacs,
site-start.el and default.el load many many things and takes some seconds to

> 2. It does too much things on your every keystroke (like that one
>    above).

Probably.  I recall that emacs in a console or xterm is faster than in X.  If
you are using features like font-lock-mode (which put colors on your text
according to the syntax), then things can be slower.  Anycase, the time
between two of my keystrokes are much more large.

> You didn't type it in emacs, did you?  Emacs auto-fill mode breaks at
> 70th character, and you typed about 79 per line.

I will answer you in a simple way:
Take an Emacs and start the Gnus news reader. Then select my message in the
summary and hit 't'.  In this way you will see all the headers of my
message. There you will see the X-Mailer field which was:

    X-Mailer: Gnus v5.3/Emacs 19.34

In your reply to my message I see the message ID was

    Message-Id: <[🔎] Pine.BSI.3.96.970416003419.6026C-100000@robin.cs.huji.ac.il>

so I guess you have used pine to send your message.

See Vadik, I do not want to say that vi is bad.  I was just trying to expose a
feature of emacs that I like a lot: incremental search for strings or regular
expressions.  I do not use vi for some editions just because I do know how to
use it well.

Alair Pereira do Lago  <alair@ime.usp.br> <http://www.ime.usp.br/~alair>
Computer Science Department -- Universidade de S~ao Paulo -- Brazil

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