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Re: bi -- should have been: vi vs emacs

On Wed, 16 Apr 1997, Vadim Vygonets wrote:
[ a bunch of correct things about emacs and vi]

An anecdote regarding vi and emacs use:

We had a whole department who were using vi under System V.2 on 
3b2/400s back in the middle 80s. I installed microEmacs (whatever was
current at the time). By the middle of the next month there was not
a single faculty member and few students who were still using vi.

MicroEmacs commands are similar in flavor to (big) emacs. Once we had a
decent Linux system running, everyone used (big) emacs. The only
reversions to vi were folk who had already leared vi somewhere else and
were committed to it.

I know both vi and emacs fairly well, and *much* prefer emacs' damned
peculiarities to vi's equally damned pecularities.

So much for vi being in any sense a casual user's editor.

This is a religeous war, and I apologise for continuing the discussion.

emacs, the one true editor!
vi, because it takes too much time to type emacs!

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