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Re: No nfs, no boot

On Mon, 7 Apr 1997, Steve Hsieh wrote:

> > Now the obvious solution is to fix up the other machine, but the thing
> > which worried me most was the fact that the attempt to nfs mount didn't
> > timeout.  Which means that my system is entirely dependent on the other
> > system in order to boot.
> I am guessing that something is probably trying to access a file on the
> NFS mounted drive. You could try using the soft option when mounting it.
> From the nfs man page:
>        soft           If an NFS file operation has a major  time-
>                       out then report an I/O error to the calling
>                       program.  The default is to continue retry-
>                       ing NFS file operations indefinitely.

Also from nfs(5):

       bg             If the first NFS mount attempt  times  out,
                      continue  trying  the  mount  in  the back
                      ground.  The default is  to  not  to  back
                      ground the mount on timeout but fail.

This is almost necessary if two NFS servers are clients of each other.


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