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X tries to start XIE and PEX but wont

I have just done a clean install from a  1.2.2 CDROM and am having
troubles starting X.  I got the base system installed, and then installed
the X stuff.  I selected xbase, xserver-vga16, fvwm2, and xserver-svga for
the initaial install.  I did allow xdm to set up.  
upon reboot, I get the nice xlogin widget, and if i enter a bad login it
works properly, ie it says improper login.  If I login correctly, I get a
band of static along the top of the screen and then x restarts and I have
the login widget again.

A look at the errors on the console identifies that PEX ecxtension not
loaded and XIE extension not loaded.  I kill xdm with /etc/init.d/xdm stop
and try just starting it with startx, same thing.  If I just run X,
however, I get a blank grey screen with a cursor and no window manager.

I tried loading the xext module to fix this but get the same messages.
How do I kill this problem, and get X working correctly?


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