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Re: X tries to start XIE and PEX but wont

Randy R Dees <rrd@amherst.com> writes:

> I have just done a clean install from a  1.2.2 CDROM and am having
> troubles starting X.  I got the base system installed, and then installed
> the X stuff.  I selected xbase, xserver-vga16, fvwm2, and xserver-svga for
> the initaial install.  I did allow xdm to set up.  
> upon reboot, I get the nice xlogin widget, and if i enter a bad login it
> works properly, ie it says improper login.  If I login correctly, I get a
> band of static along the top of the screen and then x restarts and I have
> the login widget again.


The PEX and XIE errors probably have nothing to do with it - the X
server looks for them in case you've got them installed and if you
haven't, it complains but gets on with things.

I also get the "static" along the top of the image, after I exit my
window manager to return to the xdm login, but X is working properly.

> I tried loading the xext module to fix this but get the same messages.
> How do I kill this problem, and get X working correctly?

More likely, your .xsession or the system Xsession isn't executable,
so no programs get run, or it is executable but exits back to xdm
straight after being run.  Check your .xsession-errors, and see
whether you can get an xterm with username<enter>password<f1>.

                Carey Evans  <*>  c.evans@clear.net.nz

"Linux and Linux-like systems such as UNIX(R) and FreeBSD..."
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