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Re: Modem

On Wed, 19 Mar 1997, Paul Wade wrote:

> > It mentioned /dev/modem, which I don't appear to have. Have I missed
> > a package somewhere? Help!
> /dev/modem is usually a soft link
> for example my modem is on the 3rd port - COM3 in msdos/win
> ln -s /dev/cua2 /dev/modem
> creates the soft link

/dev/cua devices are obsolete now.  they are only retained for backwards 
compatibility with old binaries.

what you have obviously works for you, but you would be much better off
using /dev/ttyS2 - this is especially true if you want to use the same
line for both dialin and dialout...port locking is handled much better
with ttyS2 devices (as long as all programs are compiled to use the
correct lock file...all debian packages are)


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