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Re: Modem

In your email to me, Paul Wade, you wrote:
> Robin Beckett wrote:
> > I got hold of the PPP-How-To and examined it's contents with interest, 
> I read it several months ago, but when I switched to Debian ppp got a
> lot easier. I quickly edited the supplied chatscript and typed pon. It
> was a lot easier than 2 other distributions I tried.
> > It mentioned /dev/modem, which I don't appear to have. Have I missed a package
> > somewhere? Help!
> /dev/modem is usually a soft link
> for example my modem is on the 3rd port - COM3 in msdos/win
> ln -s /dev/cua2 /dev/modem 
> creates the soft link
> if you switch your modem to the next port:
> rm /dev/modem
> ln -s /dev/cua3 /dev/modem

No! *Please* don't give out info like this. The cua devices have been 
depricated for quite a while. /dev/ttyS* should be used for the serial
devices. Other than that, what you stated is correct.


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