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Re: Half solved [Re: Terminal not powerful enough for SLang.]

Holger Rusch <holger@troy.inka.de> writes:

> Now it is possible to start programms that uses SLang in an xterm, but
> they are still black an white.
> It is in color when I 'export TERM=xterm-color', but I don't like
> that. Its ugly (not the color, but the TERM setting).

If you have the color working when you use TERM=xterm-color, but not
when you use TERM=xterm, then it almost has to be the terminfo
settings. I just compared xterm and xterm-color (using 'infocmp xterm
xterm-color'), and xterm does not define the use of colors in its
terminfo.  You could set your local terminfo copy of xterm to be the
same as the system xterm-color.  Do a 'infocmp xterm >xterm', and then
edit the first part of the 2nd line and change xterm-color to xterm.
Then (not as root) do a 'tic xterm', and it will save that as your
personal terminfo xterm entry.

Carl Johnson		carlj@peak.org

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