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Re: still not installed

Elaina Beth Tillinghast wrote:
> I'd love to be able to blame this on the editor <sigh>. The question?
> What is the iobase & where do I get the right number?
> The original almost included I'm trying to install debian 1.1. I should
> be able to get the latest trilinux cd this weekend.
> >On instalation boot disk you can add parameters like st0x=iobase...
> >Just hitting enter didn't work.
> >I'm up to a buslogic (flashpoint) which I thought was supported. An
> >adaptec2940u which won't even boot dos (on my box)(I still wonder if
> >I just wasn't cramming it into the slot mean enough) but works on
> >someone elses. And I've got an ncr controller which at I think is being
> >recognized by the bout floppies but not hp disk drive on it nor the
> >cd-rom.
> ebt@iadfw.ne

The NCR should be a PCI card, right? PCI cards auto-config their
IRQ/IO/DMA at boot-time. I had great success with an NCR 53c810.
(I think that was the right number)

Jens B. Jorgensen

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