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PLIP setup?

I'm trying to configure a PLIP connection between two machines, but I'm
having some problems... 

I get a pair or error messages when I try to configure the plip interface
using ifconfig: 

SIOCSIFADDR: No such device
SIOCSIFDSTADDR: No such device

The two machines are both running Debian. Both produce the same error
messages. I've tried plip and plip[0-2] for interface names. No luck.

It looks as if the PLIP device is not compiled into the kernel. I don't
get any message regarding PLIP when I boot, but I _know_ I have PLIP
compiled into the kernel. I've tried building a new kernel a couple of
times and made sure to compile PLIP in. A grep of my .config file shows
the CONFIG_PLIP=y line. 

The system does notice lp1 and lp2 at boot, but says (polling) instead of 
using an IRQ.

Any ideas???

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