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Re: Need minor dselect help. (with "recommends")

>Rob Browning wrote:
> The only gripe I have is that it treats Recommends the way that dpkg
> treats Depends, so it drops me into conflict resolution *every* time I
> run it because I have suck installed, but no news-transport-system.
> Is there any good solution to this.  I at least want something like
> "hold" for a given package, where I'm essentially saying,

I run cron for various housekeeping tasks. I do not currently run 
any mail service (I use my ISP's).

*Every* time I use dselect I have to mark cron's *recommends* as hold, 
then override with Q to exit the conflict/dependency submenu. I have 
to do this *every* time I run deselect. One of these days I'm going 
to be in a hurry and Q override something I shouldn't. And......

Best Regards, JohnT

	Life is non-orthagonal and big endian.

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