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Need minor dselect help.

OK, I've started playing with dselect.  I had avoided it after some
unfortunate misunderstandings in my early Debian days.  Now, after
being much more careful about not touching *any* keys without knowing
exactly what they do, and reading every screen carefully, I have come
to understand the way it wants things done.  Once that submission was
complete, it seems pretty effective.

The only gripe I have is that it treats Recommends the way that dpkg
treats Depends, so it drops me into conflict resolution *every* time I
run it because I have suck installed, but no news-transport-system.
Is there any good solution to this.  I at least want something like
"hold" for a given package, where I'm essentially saying,

  "I know I don't have the things this package recommends installed, and
   I don't care.  Don't bother me about this one again."

Perhaps there's an option I'm overlooking.


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