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want lilo on sda not sdb

        after installing debian on sdb (the second drive in scsi based 
     machine - scsi id2), lilo went and performed its installation to 
     /dev/sdb, not /dev/sda ... woe is me - now I'll need to use a floppy 
     to boot...
        I only can boot this machine from the floppy now. Can I tell lilo 
     to install itself to the first SCSI disk (/dev/sda) on this machine? 
        Does anybody out there suggest an alternate boot loader? Can I boot 
     debian from the NT boot loader ??? This is a work based machine - that 
     would be the best - considering the other users will use M$-NT on 
     occasion ...
     if the nt boot loader is "do-able" can somebody send me a copy of what 
     the boot.ini would look like ?
     regards, and thanx in advance - dave

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