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Re: super command

On Mon, 17 Feb 1997, Igor Grobman wrote:

> If it's in the new source format, then you can just get the .orig file,
> and that will be the original source.  If it's in the old format, I think
> you can apply the diff to the .tar.gz file, and that should give you the
> source.

Well, if it comes to that I can de-debianize it. If I have to, I would
rather find the original source, rather than regenerate it myself. The ftp
site mentioned in the README for the source does not contain the directory
it says the super source is in, and I didn't turn anything up with Archie,
or Web searches, or anything. Archie only returned the debian ftp sites.
If no changes have been made to the source that would cause it to behave
incorrectly under AIX I wouldn't mind using the debianized source, as
according to the debian.changes file (Or something in there), it fixes a
couple of bugs. I just use debian though, and I haven't been following
things really closely, so I really don't know what all kinds of changes
they make to these packages when they Debianize them. After debianization,
is the source code generally still portable, or has changes been made that
make it Linux, or even Debian Linux specific? That's kind of what I'm
hoping to find out. If I can, I'll just edit the Makefile for the AIX
options and use the debianized version if it's been debugged further than
the original source.

						Shawn Asmussen

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