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Re: super command


On Mon, 17 Feb 1997, Shawn Asmussen wrote:

> I use super on my Debian box at home, and we used to use it at my former
> place of employment. I am now a system administrator for another company,
> and I wish to install super on the system there to use as a wrapper for
> scripts that must run as root. Unfortunately, despite much searching, I
> cannot find the source code anywhere except for in the Debian archives.
> Will the debianized source compile ok if I edit the makefile for the AIX
> options, or are there some other changes to the source that are Linux
> specific, meaning I have to de-debianize the source before I use it?
> Any help in this regard would be much appreciated. I realize that this is
> not technically a debian question, but I'm hoping somebody who reads this
> will know the answer. Thanks.

If it's in the new source format, then you can just get the .orig file,
and that will be the original source.  If it's in the old format, I think
you can apply the diff to the .tar.gz file, and that should give you the

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