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Memory leak in 1.2.6?

I have a big problem with the latest debian distribution (2.6?).
I find that it will begin to swap like crazy after awhile.

I had this problem in 1.2.5 as well. It would begin to swap,
even while sitting in a tty screen, running nothing. I had installed
nothing but the base disks.

I have not had that happen yet in a tty, but it has happened in dselect.
I did another re-install after that because it wouldn't boot anymore,
and I really hadn't done much anyways. Considering the disk thrashing I
am hearing now, it looks like it is ready to do it all over again.
Swap..Swap.. Unable to get free page.. etc etc etc

This problem was not in the debian I was running before.

My system is a:
486 SX/25, 4 MB ram, 645 MB maxtor ESDI drive w/ Ultrastor 12F
controller, CGA vid, and a Novell ne-2000 Plus-3 ethernetcard.The swap
is 20 MB.

The only thing I am going to try is up'ing it to 20 mb o ram, and see if
that makes a difference. But that likely won't fix the problem, just
give it more room. Why is it abusing the swap file so badly in dselect?


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