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Re: stablize a debian release

Timothy Phan writes:
> Hi,
>   I'm a new debian user and currently experiencing some problems
>   with the debian 1.2 release.  I'm wondering if any tests have
>   been performed before each of the debian release.  It seemed to
>   me that all the problems I've encountered could have been easily
>   detected if any test has been done.

I've already suggested that the "installation" of an entire distribution 
should be tested prior to an official release. From the run of messages on 
this list, I'd have to conclude that release testing isn't currently done. 
Just a suggestion: Installation testing should include partial installations, 
and upgrade installations (full and/or partial). 

>   Instead of complaining about these problems.  I'd like to know
>   what can people like me can do to help stablizing the debian
>   distribution.

I don't believe that folks complain just to complain. We just get fustrated at
the "shortcomings" of a release (or CDROM set) and would like to get them fixed.

>   I'm a project lead at my current work.  I know one or two thing
>   about project management and testing before each release.  I also
>   have 4 harddrives with a total of 10G space where I believe that I
>   can install any release for testing. I also want to be a few packages
>   developer for the debian as well after I learn the dpkg, etc.

Volunteering? 8-)

-= Sent by Debian 1.2 Linux =-
Thomas Kocourek  KD4CIK

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