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stablize a debian release


  I'm a new debian user and currently experiencing some problems
  with the debian 1.2 release.  I'm wondering if any tests have
  been performed before each of the debian release.  It seemed to
  me that all the problems I've encountered could have been easily
  detected if any test has been done.

  Instead of complaining about these problems.  I'd like to know
  what can people like me can do to help stablizing the debian

  I'm a project lead at my current work.  I know one or two thing
  about project management and testing before each release.  I also
  have 4 harddrives with a total of 10G space where I believe that I
  can install any release for testing. I also want to be a few packages
  developer for the debian as well after I learn the dpkg, etc.

  So let me or this group know what to do to make a good release!
  Many thanks in advance!

         --------------------  Timothy C. Phan (tphan@asl.dl.nec.com)
      --------------------                      NEC America, Inc. ASL
   --------------------         1525 Walnut Hill Ln. Irving, TX 75038
--------------------          tel: (214)-518-3437 fax: (214)-518-3499

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