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Re: stablize a debian release

>   I'm a new debian user and currently experiencing some problems
>   with the debian 1.2 release.  I'm wondering if any tests have
>   been performed before each of the debian release.  It seemed to
>   me that all the problems I've encountered could have been easily
>   detected if any test has been done.

Some tests have been performed, but obviously not enough for a 'perfect'
installation.  Some the the problems a new user has, a more experience
user fixes, without even thinking of it as a problem.  Also, many of the
'testers' are users that upgrade their systems (during beta testing), and
since they have made their own personal adjustments, they do no use the
new configuation files that may be less than perfect.

>   Instead of complaining about these problems.  I'd like to know
>   what can people like me can do to help stablizing the debian
>   distribution.

Don't complain, but do post bugs.  Then 1.2.1 (or whatever) will be closer
to perfect.


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