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Re: Just a Proposition....:-)))

On Mon, 6 Jan 1997, Daniel Stringfield wrote:

I there,

I do not consider X11 or svgalib based setup programs to be appropriate.

dselect has to run in a very early stage of installing Debian. There 
are too many compatibility issues here.

BUT, there is a tradition of relativelly good looking ncurses based 
installation/maintance tools.

I do think that the current look&feel of dselect is not attractive as
a lot of other people mentioned. Some kind of EASY to understand
accelleration keys. And a more structured layout like a folding editor
would be nice. How about something like mc ala Norton clone. The packages
could be organized in series aka folders.

> Well, instead of X... something like SVGALib would be better... because
> its less to install than X.  But.. like my machine i'm typing away on now,
> only has a cheezy 256k video board in it and will have a monochrome vga
> monitor once I get the money to buy it. (I stole a monitor from one of my
> other systems for now) I don't want X to EVER EVER set foot on this
> system!  This is my server, and nothing more.  It is not a workstation.
> I do however have SVGALIB installed. And think svgalib would be more than
> easy to deal with, as far as vs. X.  Doing away with dselect is not really
> an option.  Unfortunately. :)

-- martin

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