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Re: Install problems - InfoMagic LDR

Judith & Steve Hornett writes:
> I just purchased the most recent version of the LDR a few days ago.
> Having read so much about Debian being the superior versions of Linux,
> and having been less than thrilled with previous versions of RedHat
> and Slackware, I thought I'd give it a try.
> All of the diskettes load correctly, but when I get into Dselect,
> it can't find the main directories to start off of the root 
> (contrib, etc).

I'm assuming that you chose the "cdrom" method of access. It didn't work for
me either. SO, I mounted the cdrom drive to /cdrom (mount -t iso9660 /dev/hdb
/cdrom) [my cdrom drive is /dev/hbd] and used the "mounted filesystem" access 
On a side note, A friend has an older Sony CDU33a drive. Debian _will not_ see
this drive. However, there is a module for that drive on the Slackware CDROM
in the LDR set. Can that module be used with kerneld?

> Has anyone been successful in installing Debian 1.2 from the
> December InfoMagic LDR?

I suggest using the msdos-1386 tree to install from. The binary tree has some
modules in the wrong order. (new then old) Dselect will install the newest
version, and then gleefully, overwrite it with the older version 8-(. If you
choose to use the binary tree, you need to install them by hand. To find the
modules use the "ls -U | more" command line and look for new/old order of
modules. There are 11 such pairs of files in various directories.

-= Sent by Debian 1.2 Linux =-
Thomas Kocourek  KD4CIK

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