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Re: Just a Proposition....:-)))

On Mon, 6 Jan 1997 jacek@netcologne.de wrote:

> Well, I'm just a newbie but I'd like a new installation routine for
> debian. I have the following proposition for future installation
> routines.
> First dselect is not very user friendly...and for a newbie it's say
> difficult to use...:-)) It gives the possibility to install MANY
> packages. Of course sometimes I do not know whether I'll ever need them.
> Later dpkg always needs magical spells to make it work. What U think
> about something like this:

	Yeah.  That's probably the only gripe I have about Debian.
dselect sucks.  I hate it with a passion!  I'm thinking it would be
probably be just as easy to use dpkg directly.  

	I love dpkg 'tho.  The dselect program needs a rewrite, IMHO.
Give it a better UI or something.

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