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Re: Just a Proposition....:-)))

On Mon, 6 Jan 1997 jacek@netcologne.de wrote:

> xdselect or xdpkg (without cryptic spells, just checkboxes). Of course
> there should be an option for all these who love the text version of the
> installation...:-)) I think installing and upgrading under X by just
> using the mouse pointer should be possible...and BTW other so called OS
> can do it too...more or less...:-))) Maybe someone is currently working
> on an installation routine like this and I think it would make debian
> more user friendly and debian would gain more users....

Well, instead of X... something like SVGALib would be better... because
its less to install than X.  But.. like my machine i'm typing away on now,
only has a cheezy 256k video board in it and will have a monochrome vga
monitor once I get the money to buy it. (I stole a monitor from one of my
other systems for now) I don't want X to EVER EVER set foot on this
system!  This is my server, and nothing more.  It is not a workstation.
I do however have SVGALIB installed. And think svgalib would be more than
easy to deal with, as far as vs. X.  Doing away with dselect is not really
an option.  Unfortunately. :)

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