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Re: How do people on this list backup stuff?

On Sat, 4 Jan 1997, Pete Templin wrote:

> On Sat, 4 Jan 1997, Walter Tautz wrote:
> > I am curious to find out how people back stuff? Specifically
> > I am interested in finding out whether it is necessary
> > to use a tape system or is it also possible to use another
> > hardrive. Afterall, it would appear a hardrive is cheaper
> > than a *quality* tape system? 
> I'm using a perl script to automate a series of "dump"s.  I run a full
> backup of /, /usr, /var, /home once a week, with an incremental every
> night except full night.  For space reasons, I'd rather not post the
> script here, but it's free to anyone for the asking
> I have an HP/Colorado T1000 tape drive, but wouldn't recommend it.  It's
> quite small relative to my filesystems (400MB per tape), and I'd love to
> hear what tape drives work well (i.e. easily) on a SCSI bus. It's slow,
> IMO, but that doesn't matter when your backups run via cron.

I am using a Seagate (formerly Conner) TS8000 at home and a TS4000 at work
- 8MB and 4MB respectively.  They are really the same drive, the 8000
accepts the Travan cartridge format.  These are SCSI-2 devices, and use a
"wide QIC" tape.  The mfr. claims up to 50MB / min. x-fer rate, but I have
seen 20MB maximum, with 10-12 more the average over the ethernet.  This is
with 32bit (Buslogic) bus mastering controllers.  The TS4000 does daily
backups of a 1G Novell server, and has been in service for approx 2.5
months.  I have used the 8000 to backup (tar) and restore Redhat 4.0, with
no problems to report.  At approx. $325 for the 4000 and $369 for the
8000, I think these are very economical choices, competitive with the hard
drive alternative.  The 4G cart's (1.86 non-compressed) retail for $30, 
the 8G for $40.

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