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Re: How do people on this list backup stuff?

> I am curious to find out how people back stuff? Specifically
> I am interested in finding out whether it is necessary
> to use a tape system or is it also possible to use another
> hardrive. Afterall, it would appear a hardrive is cheaper
> than a *quality* tape system? 

I use the taper program for backups. I used to use a 125mb tape drive, but
I got tired of the slowness, switching tapes, and the errors that always
pop up on tapes. 

So I dedicated a 500mb partition on one of my hard drives for a backup
partition, and I'm using taper to back up to it now. Taper can backup to
any medium, it seems. I use a commandline like this to start taper:

taper -T l -b /backup/backup.taper

The "-T l" sets the Type of backup to file, so taper will just write to a
file. The -b tells taper what file to use.

I've been using this for months, and I'm happy with it. Backups are much
faster now. One thing to bear in mind: don't use the same disk for /home
and /backup! A dedicated backup hd is probably a good idea.

Taper's available as a debian package.
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