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Re: Any PPP-connection keeping utility ?

On Sun, 5 Jan 1997, Zenon Fortuna wrote:

> I would like to keep my PPP connection "busy" even during the time, when
> I don't use it. Otherwise my ISP will log-me-off after a couple of "idle"
> minutes.
> A work around is to telnet to any Internet sites and start a loop
> (in my case in csh):

you could look into diald.  it provides isp connect service on demand or
can be configured to keep a connection up.  

other than that you can do what i do and use fetchpop (off of sunsite) to
poll your pop server every five minutes for mail.  it runs as a daemon, is
small, compiles easily, and is easy to use.  it also keeps my connection
up by generating the small amount of network activity that it does.

good luck.

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