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> I have a question concerning my cd-rom.  When the kernel boots up, all of the
> cd drivers can't find my drive.  It is a Creative Labs 8X model 840.  It is
> connected to my promise EIDE controller as the 2nd drive.  What driver should
> I use, is there a generic ATAPI driver that will work for my drive (and how
> do I install it?)?

If your CDROM is really the second drive (slave) on the primary
controller, Linux should autodetect it fine. However, try
"hdb=cdrom" on the boot command line (press Shift at the LILO
prompt, type "Linux hdb=cdrom", etc). The Linux ATAPI CD-ROM
driver is pretty generic but doesn't seem to like the Creative
drives too much. I have a CR-821E which works okay but
causes some nasty problems occasionally. Mine's also faulty
so hopefully I'll replacing it with a Panasonic one pretty soon.


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