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Re: How do people on this list backup stuff?

On Sat, 4 Jan 1997, Walter Tautz wrote:

> I am curious to find out how people back stuff? Specifically
> I am interested in finding out whether it is necessary
> to use a tape system or is it also possible to use another
> hardrive. Afterall, it would appear a hardrive is cheaper
> than a *quality* tape system? 

I'm using a perl script to automate a series of "dump"s.  I run a full
backup of /, /usr, /var, /home once a week, with an incremental every
night except full night.  For space reasons, I'd rather not post the
script here, but it's free to anyone for the asking

I have an HP/Colorado T1000 tape drive, but wouldn't recommend it.  It's
quite small relative to my filesystems (400MB per tape), and I'd love to
hear what tape drives work well (i.e. easily) on a SCSI bus. It's slow,
IMO, but that doesn't matter when your backups run via cron.

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