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ethernet won't talk

I've been having this weird problem since this morning.

I can ping either machine from the other, but only if I am running TCPDUMP
on machine named "dst".  I moved the modem to machine "spacewalker" which
is currently running diald, which I have finally gotten my setup to work
both the ethernet and ppp at the same time.  I can not telnet or anything
else, if I have diald running.  (But I can ping, but only if TCPDUMP is
running on "dst")  I believe the problems to be not related.  I think the
tcpdump part is something _wrong_ with _dst_, and the ping only problem
something wrong with the diald _config_.  I do hope I can get these
machines running together without a hitch, since I have a LUG meeting on
Tuesday, which I am supposed to bring both my machines as demo's, and as
installation servers, over the _ethernet_.  

                              Daniel Stringfield  
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