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Re: stablize a debian release

Hello there,

On Sat, 4 Jan 1997, Timothy Phan wrote:

>   I'm a new debian user and currently experiencing some problems
>   with the debian 1.2 release.  I'm wondering if any tests have
>   been performed before each of the debian release.  It seemed to
>   me that all the problems I've encountered could have been easily
>   detected if any test has been done.

Debian *is* beta-tested before release. If you check the ftp site now, 
you'll find a directory named "unstable" or "bo", which is the initial 
draft of the next release. People usually pull the unstable packages and 
test them before the release is marked as "stable". Of course, this is al 
voluntary work... There are a few bugs, but there would be a lot more 
without that. You may check the ftp site, there are already updates to 
debian 1.2.

>   Instead of complaining about these problems.  I'd like to know
>   what can people like me can do to help stablizing the debian
>   distribution.

A little time before final release, Bruce asked for people used to debian 
to test it. You can also download the stuff and contact the maintainers 
or fill the bug tracking system, etc.

Maybe you should join the developer's mailing lists? I haven't done any 
of this, I'm just reproducing what I've read here before.


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