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Why doesn't dselect show "local" packages?

I tried the kernel-package_3.03.deb for the first time.

I put the deb file in "local/binary-i386" and ran dpkg-scanpackages 
to create a Packages.gz file.

dselect accepted the "local" directory in the "Access" and "Update"
commands, but the "Select" menu doesn't show the local package.

What have I missed?

BTW, the reason I tried to use kernel-package is that I thought that
this might let me purge the Obsolete/Required "image" packages that
I wrote about in a separate post. Is this one reason why people bother
to use kernel-package?

Even when I manually installed my custom kernel package with
"dpkg -i ...", dselect still won't let me delete those obsolete


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