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RE: Is `.deb' still better than `.rpm'?

>> I would prefer a much improved dselect.
>> Todays dselect is not convinient to be used.
>> It is like emacs to the novice. (cryptic, non-standard interface, funny
>> keyboard accel keys, no menues...)
>Hmmm - I got on well with dselect from the beginning, without reading any
>documentation about it, and I find it a convenient, useful tool. <grin> Am
>I in a minority of one, I wonder? I'd be very interested to learn what
>people's specific gripes are.
>-- Mark
Suggest deselect could benefit from a line worth of useful keystrokes on
screen at all times.  Pine provides an example, something like this.

I also find it annoying that each time you mark a package that requires
dependency work, you wind up reading the help stuff, and have to exit
the help.  "Just take me to it" and show me where the help is and howto

>Just my 2 cents...  Ciao!  DaveW

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