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Not really Linux

 I am stuck and am turning to the list as a last resort. To those of you who
find this improper, I crave your indulgence.
   My problem is to do with variable argument lists. More precisely given the
 double sum_series(int num, ... )
12        {
13        double sum=0.0,t;
14        va_list argptr;
15      /* Initialise argptr */
16        va_start(argptr, num);
18      /* Sum the series */
19        for(;num;num--){
20         t = va_arg(argptr,double); /* get the next argument */
21        sum +=t;
22        }
23      /* do orderly shutdown 8*/
24        va_end(argptr);
25        return sum;
26        } 

How do I determine the form of the pointer argptr (yes it is a struct.. Made up
of what?) and is it possible to alter the address of its __base value and the
size of the __offset..

Sorry to intrude on the net in this manner


Jonathan Lawson

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