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Re: Is `.deb' still better than `.rpm'?

From: Paul Seelig <pseelig@goofy.zdv.Uni-Mainz.de>
> And what about the rumour that both packaging systems are going to be
> merged in a common one sometime in the future?

Now that we have a Red Hat to Debian package converter, we can mark
that task done. I think that both Red Hat and Debian are working on
making their systems work better in general a lot more than they are
working on the package system. Eventually, one package format or the
other will dominate the Linux market. It hardly matters which one it is,
as long as it's free software.

I'm writing to Red Hat today about our policy manual. Maybe we can come
to some sort of merge on that.

Bruce Perens K6BP   Bruce@Pixar.com

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