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Re: Running Debian

In article <Pine.LNX.3.94.961103120940.1660B-100000@dst.dsnc.net>,
	Daniel Stringfield <servo@jax-inter.net> writes:
> How about a SVGALIB based program?  That should fit on a floppy.
> Now we have a possible three!:)  dselect, xselect, and vselect

Kind of like make config, make menuconfig and make xconfig

I agree that there should be some kind of bare-bones select for installation
but I think dselect has gotten to the 10-lbs in a 5-lb bag stage. I would
go for a select that installs the required packages then runs mselect 
(menu-select) or xselect to pick and choose the other stuff.

Colors can be useful to convey information without additional characters
causing information overload though that would limit the utility of the 
program for people with poor color vision. Red in uppercase meaning purge,
red in lowercase meaning remove, yellow meaning dependancy problem (uppercase
is required, lowercase suggest), green means add or install, white or black
means hold and blue means that the package has a newer version available but
is not currently selected to be changed.

It then works a lot like color-ls. If you are doing a quick scan for new 
packages, they stand out in blue. You can see at a glance what select pre-
selected for you because it is green, no more overwriting a package accidently.

Just some thoughts. Maybe some of this can be done without X using ansi.

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